All workers are entitled to compensation for injuries sustained on the job — even professional athletes. At the Vermont-based, Workers’ Comp law firm Brady / Donahue, we not only handle a wide range of cases related to workplace injury, but as sports fans, we thought it would be interesting to relate some of the Workers’ Compensation issues facing former NFL players.


Although all jobs pose a risk for injury, some careers such as professional football carry a lot more. Football is a violent, injury-riddled sport where torn knee ligaments and concussions are often considered just another day at the office. In a recently published article, Forbes Magazine highlights Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte, arguing that the injuries to his back, neck, wrist, ankle, shoulders and knees were costly hazards to his job as a professional football player. 

"Matt Forte ground out almost 10,000 rushing yards as a running back, scoring 75 touchdowns, across 10 seasons in the National Football League, including eight with the Chicago Bears. The gridiron star also racked up $43 million in pay before retiring after the 2017-18 season at age 32 because of knee injuries.”

Forte is currently engaged in a Workers’ Compensation case against his former employer to receive payment for injuries and lost wages. He is trying to get money for those injuries through the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, where workers injured on the job — even professional athletes — can file a claim. 

While most teams will settle these cases out of court with a lump sum payment, it is important to note that NFL players have a range of advantages when it comes to workplace injury, from provisions in their contracts that pay for medical costs to collective bargaining arrangements that provide compensation for injuries. 

But if you aren’t a professional football player, what kind of protection do you have if you are injured at work? At Brady / Donahue, we specialize in helping injury victims obtain the Workers’ Compensation that they deserve. Whether you are a middle linebacker or a hardworking Vermonter, the Vermont Workers’ Compensation process involves complex legal and procedural issues, complicated forms, and confusing rules. 

While employers and insurance companies may not be as generous as NFL teams when it comes to payouts, as one of Vermont’s leading firms for Workers’ Compensation, we can honestly say that in the unfortunate event of a workplace injury, after medical assistance, your first call to make should probably be to a qualified Workers’ Comp attorney.

If you’ve been injured as a result of your job, don’t jeopardize your rights – call or text Brady Donahue today for a free consultation.