Maritime Law, Maritime Attorneys and Jones Act Cases

Have you been involved in a boating accident, on a cruise ship or other accident resulting in injury or property damage occurring on or near a large waterway? Accidents or injuries on or near navigable waters can result in litigation that is governed not by the law of the particular state but rather by maritime/admiralty law. Because of the unique nature of offshore accidents, it is important to choose a lawyer with extensive knowledge of maritime law. The maritime attorneys at Brady/Donahue have experience handling personal injury, wrongful death, vessel collisions, Jones Act and other litigation matters governed by the maritime law of the U.S.

Passengers: Maritime passengers frequently suffer injuries from falls on slippery decks or when crossing another ship’s wake. When purchasing a passenger ticket aboard a commercial vessel, such as a charter or a cruise ship, you are essentially signing a contract that sets severe limitations on liability and dictate when and where you can file your claim. For this reason it is important that you contact a qualified maritime attorney as soon as possible.

Workers: It is well known that working aboard a ship can be very dangerous. The Jones Act permits injured workers to seek compensation for injuries resulting from negligence by their employer or co-workers while employed on a boat, cruise ship, tug, barge, or other vessel. Even if your employer is paying “Maintenance and Cure” benefits you may be entitled to more.

Some, but not all maritime litigation matters are handled through the Federal Courts. In some situations, a party sued in state court may have the right to have the litigation removed to Federal Court. In other situations, the case may be fully litigated in state courts but the state court will, if the elements regarding maritime law are satisfied, need to apply the maritime law from U.S. statutes and the U.S. Supreme Court. The lawyers at Brady/Donahue have experience with maritime law in the state and federal Courts in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. 

The lawyers at Brady / Donahue represent individuals and organizations both pursuing and defending maritime claims. To learn more, please contact your trusted maritime lawyers at Brady / Donahue