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If you or a family member suffer personal injury as a result of some person or organization’s negligence or other wrongful conduct, Vermont and New Hampshire law allows you to make a claim and, if necessary, file a lawsuit, against the responsible party for compensation for proven legal damages: medical and similar treatment costs, lost wages or income, permanent disability, lost enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. The law requires the injured party making the claim to prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, meaning more likely than not, that the responsible party violated some duty required by the law, and that the violation of duty was a cause of injury. If these and other legally required elements can be proven, the jury hearing the case is allowed to award monetary damages in an amount the jury finds to be fair and reasonable.

A Vermont lawyer or New Hampshire lawyer experienced with personal injury law can protect your rights and advocate for you from the early stages in the immediate aftermath of the accident and injury through the investigation stage, through pre-suit negotiations with insurers, and then through the pre-trial stages of a lawsuit through trial in the Superior Court. In the early stages of your claim your lawyer will oversee or handle gathering and preservation of case-critical evidence which may include key witness interviews andpreservation of physical and documentary evidence. During the pre-suit stages your Vermont lawyer or your New Hampshire lawyer will handle the gathering of your medical treatment records and bills and presentation of same to the insurer. Then, usually when your medical treatment is complete, your lawyer will negotiate for you with the insurer. At the negotiation stage your Vermont lawyer or your New Hampshire lawyer can counsel you regarding the value of your case based upon verdicts of juries and settlements paid in other similar cases and then can handle your negotiations with the insurer. If your claim cannot be resolved through negotiated settlement your lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf in the Superior Court with a demand for trial by jury and then represent you throughout the lengthy pre-trial phase, at trial in the Superior or Federal Court and, if necessary, on appeal.

The lawyers at Brady / Donahue represents individuals and organizations both pursuing and defending personal injury claims. We are also frequently hired by insurers to defend such claims. Having the experience handling both sides of personal injury claims helps us to better represent our clients on both sides.

From start to finish of your personal injury claim our Vermont lawyers or New Hampshire lawyers will provide prompt, efficient, and effective legal services with the steadfast aim of achieving the best possible outcome for the client. Learn more about consulting a Personal Injury and your rights with our Personal Injury FAQ's.


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