Vermont Workers' Compensation Lawyers

if you have been injured on the job or in the workplace in Vermont you are likely entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. An injured worker with a valid workers’ compensation claim is entitled to benefits defined by Vermont workers’ compensation laws. These benefits include payment of medical treatment bills, compensation for lost wages, and retraining or similar assistance if the worker is unable to return to their job. Vermont workers’ compensation laws also provide benefits for surviving family members of workers killed during or as a result of their Vermont employment. The workers’ compensation process, which is handled within the Vermont Department of Labor & Industry(DOL), can involve complex legal and procedural issues whether the injury is minor and temporary or serious and permanent. Complicated forms and rules must be followed or an injured worker’s rights may be jeopardized. The injured worker may need to overcome arguments from the employer that the injury/condition was pre-existing, that the injury/condition was caused by some other incident or job, that the worker has no proven injury/condition, or that the injury is a less serious one than alleged.

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A Vermont lawyer experienced with Vermont workers’ compensation law can protect your rights and benefits while guiding you through the process. The lawyers at Brady / Donahue routinely handle Vermont workers’ compensation claims representing both injured workers and employers/insurers. Being experienced with representation of both sides helps us to skillfully counsel our clients through the Vermont workers’ compensation process. At all stages, from the date of injury and filing of the First Report of Injury to formal hearing at the DOL to jury trial in the Vermont Superior Court and through appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court, our lawyers have the experience necessary to handle the claim to a successful conclusion. While most of the Vermont workers’ compensation claims we handle are resolved by negotiated settlement without the need for formal hearing, our experience allows us to counsel clients about what can be expected if the case is brought to hearing which empowers our clients to make informed decisions regarding settlement vs. trial.

From start to finish of your workers’ compensation claim our lawyers will provide prompt, efficient, and effective legal services with the steadfast aim of achieving the best possible outcome for the client.


If you have been injured during or as a result of your job, or have sustained a condition as a result of your job, it is critical to your rights under Vermont workers’ compensation laws that you report the injury to your employer right away. Delay can jeopardize your rights. Co-workers or other persons who witnessed the accident or the injury should be identified. You should promptly seek medical attention and should tell the treatment providers about your workplace injury. The employer’s Vermont workers’ compensation insurer will have 21 days to investigate and then either accept or deny the claim. A lawyer experienced with Vermont workers’ compensation law can, if hired at an early or later stage, be of invaluable assistance with these issues. If, however, you are not represented by counsel, these issues must nevertheless be promptly addressed to avoid jeopardizing your rights under Vermont workers’ compensation law.